IOE #20: Kaden Nguyen | Professional Vegan Body Building, Fitness Modeling and Photography

Vegan Fitness Inside Out Empowerment

Kaden Ngyuen is a professional photographer, fitness model, competitive body builder and 100% Hardcore Vegan! Joshua Nussbaum and Kaden hear his story from his first childhood modeling days through when Joshua and Kaden first learned about one another through Kaden’s modeling work with Aesthetic Revolution. Laugh along while gaining insight into what it takes to goal set effectively, how IG TV differs from any of Instagram’s existing features and why these two like Daniel Cormier so much.


-Kaden’s background

-importance of social media

-growth of social media over time

-how Kaden got into photography

-talking about Kaden’s physique and where he qualifies

-why Kaden made the switch to going vegan

-defining what veganism is

-how being vegan has impacted Kaden’s lifestyle

-explains what macros are

-background of coaching/training people in the fitness industry

-different ways for goal setting

-elaborating about IGTV and why it is becoming so powerful

-importance of posting frequent and good quality content for social media

-why it is important to balance your life/lifestyle


-Mini goals can be a huge accomplishment. Mini goals bring success. When you hit a goal, when you hit success, it becomes addictive making you want to be even more successful. (52:05-52:19)

-Who are you and what do you do? (1:59)

-Are you doing more behind the scenes when you are not doing photography? (18:47)

-What are you working towards right now? (21:09)

-Do you have a supplement sponsor at the moment? (23:12)

-What made you go vegan? (25:32)

-How has being vegan impacted your physique, mental health, energy, etc.? (29:15)

-Take emotions out of goal setting. You can’t be dictated by your emotions. You are dictated on your destination. (40:18)

-What is the purpose of producing strong, consistent content for your social media platforms? (1:01:41)

-What is an actionable step people can actively take to empower themselves on a daily basis?


-If you could tell yourself one piece of advice when you were 5 years old and you know it would stick with you your whole life, what would it be? (1:07:18)

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